QJ series submersible pump
QJR series submersible pump
QH series submersible pump
QR series submersible pump
Axial flow pump
Ritz submersible pump

Aote Tianjin Pump Co., Limited is located in Jinnan Economic and Technical Development Area, Tianjin, which is a part of Binhai New District of Tianjin. We have convenient transportation and advantageous geographical condition.
We, as a professional manufacturer, integrate with product design, development, production and sale. We have started our own business for more than a decade. Our company adheres to quality management and technology innovation in the road of self-development. We have developed a large number of products after many years of practice, and have improved the various properties of our products. Some of our products have exceeded the national design standards and obtained its relevant patents.
The improved products are as follows:
German Ritz technology 66 series submersible pump, QJ series submersible pump for well use, QZB / QHB series axial flow pump and mixed flow pump with large discharge and low-lift, QH series seawater submersible pump, QJR series submersible pump of extracting underground hot water, anti-corrosion series submersible pump applied to acid-base medium, horizontal used QP series fountain pump, and WQ series sewage pump.
Our improved products are more convenient and practical in various fields such as mine drainage, urban water supply, road and bridge projects, farmland irrigation and drainage, petrochemicals, industrial water treatment, water-source heat pump air-conditioning system and underground high-temperature water lifting projects.
Some related business of our company include kinds of water pipes, variable voltage switch cabinet, frequency conversion starting control cubicle, auto-depression start tank, pump control cabinets with liquid level controllers, digital level display instrument, RTU remote measurement and control system, special cables of general diving, special cables of high temperature resistance diving, nylon banding wires of cable, special waterproof adhesive tapes (matching with the equipment ), pump cover, pump clamping plate, high-strength screw, rubber pad, a variety of throttle valves, and check valve.
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